Custom Software Development 服务


  • Custom LMS’ and LXPs that help people enjoy the learning process and achieve better results.
  • School management systems that provide reliable administrative and academic analytics.
  • Bespoke online platforms for courses with special requirements.
  • AR/VR learning content for immersive and effective education.
  • ERP systems that automate business processes and help make informed decisions.
  • Pipeline management solutions that detect leaks, monitor pump efficiency and comply with the latest regulatory requirements.
  • Risk management software to anticipate potential problems and address them before they become expenses.
  • Custom EHR/EMR systems that streamline patient care and ease clerical burden on medical staff.
  • Practice management software that gives you reliable information about your work and improves collections.
  • Telehealth solutions to assist patients remotely while keeping their personal information safe.
  • Corporate training solutions for continuing medical education.
  • Logistical ERPs for fleet management, document flow optimization, 车辆跟踪, and automating other aspects of the business.
  • Inventory management systems to ensure you always have the latest information on the stock as well as accurate forecasts.
  • CRMs for keeping the clients satisfied and coming back to you for more.
  • Supply chain management systems for easy procurement of raw materials, 高效的运输, and straightforward relations with vendors and contractors.
  • Engaging and effective visual aids for 网络学习. Demonstrate the details of any process, be it a chemical reaction or a decisive historical battle.
  • Presentations of projects, goods, and services. Impress your viewers, investors, and potential customers.
  • Cutting edge 广告. Promote products the way you’ve never done before and see the target audience gasp in awe.
  • 活动材料. Entice visitors with virtual tours, showcase objects of art, run realistic simulations.
  • 在线商店, 购物车, and marketplaces that make buying a pleasurable and unobstructed experience.
  • Payment system integration to help you accept payments from anyw在这里 and in any currency.
  • Point-of-sale applications that let you control your entire business from one system.
  • Usability audits and improvements to make sure your 电子商务 website is bringing as many sales as it can.

Software We Develop

We are involved in embedded software development for clients that aren’t satisfied with off-the-shelf software solutions or are seeking to address a unique challenge. We, as an customized software development team, also provide expert developers to the companies that need some extra brain power and share our two decades of software engineering experience by consulting businesses on critical IT-related matters.

Whether it is creating a new product, extending a development team, 或建议, our aim is the same: grow our customer’s business.



22年来, Aristek系统, as a custom software development company, has been automating business processes for companies from the 美国, 英国, Europe and the Middle East by outsourcing software development and maintenance, getting high-level customer service.

Through our offices in California, 迪拜 (阿联酋) and 明斯克 (白俄罗斯) we can stay close to you and keep you one step ahead of the competition.

We hire the best developers, designers, managers, and analysts to give our customers
top-notch service at a reasonable price.



Thanks to the favorable tax regime we are able to provide top-notch services at a fraction of our competitors’ rate.


We have launched more than 30 long-term (5+ years) projects in 网络学习, 医疗保健, and 石油&天然气产业. This helps us understand your needs and address them faster.


The core employees of Aristek have been working together for more than 22 years. So the team that begins your project will be the one that finishes it.


约翰博士”, MD MBA BSc (Hons)
                    <br>CEO of Lumen Touch


CEO of Lumen Touch, Kansas City, 美国

The most amazing thing about our partnership is that in many situations we don’t have the time to map out product specifications and requirements and yet the final product almost always exceeds our expectations. This has been very inspirational for our team and continues to make our partnership even more meaningful.

对正规靠谱赌博软件来说, we enjoy the privilege of working with the very cohesive team of Aristek系统 and look forward to a solid ongoing relationship. We would highly recommend this team to other organizations that are looking for a partnership rather than an outsourcing opportunity.

对于Marozau, Owner of MBE Engineering


Owner of MBE Engineering, Poland

Responsibility, high quality, business integrity. These are the exact and significant terms that describe our experience of cooperation with Aristek系统. It also includes strong software development background, opportunity to generate practical ideas and offers and reasonable prices for services provided.

An important feature to be marked was the devotion these guys demonstrated when they had learned about our project which was aimed at creation of a corporate website together with consultations on the software maintenance and servers setting.

优素福卡西姆, Co-Founder


Co-founder of,美国

Aristek系统 not only got next to an idea on the fly but also offered constructive solutions that captured our thoughts and desires best in spite of the fact that our product was quite specific.

Throughout the entire development process, t在这里 was ongoing and productive communication and collaboration of ideas & 新概念. We were always updated routinely on the current stage of development, 完成的工作, and additional todo items. Their effective communication and flexibility was critical to the success of this project.

We Share Our Knowledge

Want to learn more about custom outsourced software development? Check out the blog and get valuable insights into the software development industry. Discover more about the latest trends and technologies and stay tuned!

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